Spinnaker tape 50mm x 4.5m dark blue

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Spinnaker tape 50mm x 4.5m drak blue, is the well know repair tape from U-rope. For a quick but effective repair on spinnakers, this is the repair tape you need. Its UV resistance, waterproof, has a good bond and its tear resistant.

Before adding the tape on the spinnaker, make sure the spinnaker is clear from dirt, fat and salt. Round the corners from the tape for the best result.

The spinnaker tape is available in multiple colors. This is the dark blue version. It’s a can’t miss product in each trailer!


Nacra 500
Nacra 460
Nacra 570
Nacra F16
Nacra F18Infusion
Nacra F20C
Nacra F20FCS


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