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Snufferbag black Nacra F18inf/ 570

SKU: 30917

111.29 (€111.29 Excl. VAT)(€111.29 Excl. VAT)

Sold by: piece

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This snufferbag black n570/nf18inf, if made for the Nacra 570 and F18 Infusion

The general knowledge of the snufferbag black;

  • Use of other materials then the polyester laminate at the race edition, results in a lower pricing.
  • The material adsorbed more water, than for example the race edition. Less water absorption means easier hosting of the spinnaker. For most fun boat that’s no problem, they are shorter on the water and host the spinnaker less often.
  • The snufferbag black is favorite for sailing centers and schools.

The snufferbag black is most used on the fun boats, Nacra 460, 500 and 570.


Nacra 570


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