Riggingset race Nacra F18inf MKI/II

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Riggingset nf18inf race, gives you directly what you need to replace all the rigging on your boat. Note that the length of the wires is different for the Infusions and the Infusion MKIII . Included in the rigging set;

  • One forestay
  • Two shrouds (staymaster fitting)
  • Two trapeze wire double
  • Two bridle wires
  • Two diamond wires

Alle wires of the riggingset nf18inf race, are class legal. With ‘race’ we mean staymaster fitting for the shrouds. The advantage of the staymaster fitting, you can easily adjust the shroud tension on the water.

The need for replacing the complete rigging, is depending on multiple influence. For example, the type of water (salt/fresh), how its stored and the amount of sailing hours. Damaged rigging is most often the basis for more damage on the boat. Check therefore always your rigging on damages, before going on the water.


Nacra F18Infusion


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