Pega lightingbeam inc, contourlighting 114cm

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Pega lightingbeam inc. contourlighting 114cm, is a must have to your trailer. The extend lighting beam give the possibility to have your back light further to the end. Other cars can see better how far the mast is sticking out in comparing to your car. The Pega lightingbeam is suitable for new and already delivered trailers.

The PEGA boat trailer guarantees many years of pleasure. The base of all PEGA boat trailers consist of an extra solid frame, so that you can rely on your trailer even in very heavy conditions. The robust frame also offers an excellent road handling and long durability. The PEGA boat trailers meets all European standards and can be delivered in all European countries.


Nacra 460
Nacra 500
Nacra 570
Nacra 15
Nacra F16
Nacra 17
Nacra F18Infusion
Nacra F20C
Nacra F20FCS


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