Mainsheet 1:12 tapared Nacra F20c

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This mainsheet 1:12 (red), has a Dcup kmix basics, made by Alpha Ropes. The construction of the line is double braid, 12 strand coated, Dyneema® Sk78 core, 24 plait mix with a HT Polyester / Cordura cover. This all round line, is ready to splice of taper and excellent for sheets, halyards and control lines.

Mainsheet 1:12 nf20c (red), is provide with a tapering and splittale. The advantage of the tapering; there is less resistance while trimming the mainsheet. The already fitted splittale, helps you to easily tie up the mainsheet to your rear beam.

This 1:12 mainsheet is a perfect for the Nacra 20Carbon and FCS. Furthere more, the mainsheet is ready to sail.




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